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LOOKING FORWARD, INWARD, UPWARDA New Year’s Message for 2021
Surya Green

The new year is envisioned to provide protection from the Covid-19 virus.
But even as we look to 2021 and beyond,
let us remember with love, compassion, prayer, and mantric recitation
those who passed, and will still pass, from the coronavirus,
as well as those who mourn them.

The Mother of Pondicherry,
the esteemed spiritual leader of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India,
when asked the deeper causes of illness, replied:
“…. all illness without any exception – without exception –
is the expression of a break in equilibrium.” (CWM2, 5:171-174)

Spiritually viewed, the Covid-19 pandemic
derived essentially from the bodies of both global humanity and Mother Earth
suffering lack of equilibrium.
Yet also from the spiritual perspective,
the external circumstances of life are not the only cause of anything.

All that occurs on this material plane results from transcendental forces
operating from the subtle plane of existence.
Divine transcendental powers of creating, sustaining, and regenerating
lay behind the processes belonging to manifested and unmanifested life.

Decades back, the Dutch mystic and spiritual teacher Stefan Lubienski
commented to me that the spiritual world
influences catastrophes of Nature as “learning trials”
to help the human species evolve upward.

To my ears, the learning trials that the spiritual world
has been prompting through Nature, for quite some time,
carry basically the same educational message:
“Humanity: Bring balance to all areas of life on Earth.
Create equilibrium!”

For the new world emerging from the losses and gains of 2020,
the spiritual realm has been sending an additional message.
These words strike my ears:
“People: Strengthen your inner spiritual powers!”
If I hear clearly, a timely spiritual advice is being conveyed,
but first things first.

Living in the physical world requires maintaining the physical body.
This necessity implies taking due precautions in life-threatening situations.
Thus, during the corona crisis, we extra fortify our physical system with nourishing food, immune boosters, and health practices, while simultaneously we heed governmental regulations that include social distancing and masking up.
Even if we do not fear the anti-life virus, we may get vaccinated, or not.

Besides observing physical health and safety measures,
as well we will be wise to consider our spiritual well-being.
We may choose to add or intensify spiritual practices
invoking the transcendental energy into and around us.
Attuning to any extent with the universal consciousness energy
brightens our aura with protective transcendental light,
and beneficently affects inner harmony and peaceful mind.

When inner harmony is strong,
equilibrium manifests in the physical body and the brain.
Whatever results we reap, however,
will also depend on karmic patterns
with which we were born.

May good health and life’s blessings
be ours in the new year.


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